The new deadline for paper, panel, and seminar proposals is April 3, 2017. Accepted seminars will now have until May 2, 2017 to fill their rosters.

In light of ongoing uncertainty about recent and potential executive orders restricting travel to the United States, we wanted to give our members—international and U.S.-based—more time to consider their options for future travel.

In addition, both the Program Committee and ASAP are in the process of gathering information and resources for attendees who may be affected by government actions against international visitors, individuals from targeted Muslim nations, and undocumented individuals traveling within the U.S.

ASAP condemns the recent U.S. executive order to prohibit the entry of people from seven Muslim-majority countries, and the climate of fear, repression, and racism that it extends and intensifies. Recognizing the impact of this and possible future actions undertaken in the name of border security, we are committed to facilitating the full participation of ASAP/9 conference attendees who travel at the risk of intimidation, detention or denial of U.S. entry. This commitment includes but is not limited to:

  • providing participants with names and contact information for legal counsel before and during travel.

  • issuing visa letters from UC Berkeley with detailed information about the conference.

  • initiating formal and informal conference discussions on the contemporary arts and political resistance under the Trump regime.

  • arranging for skyped panel sessions and/or presentations by proxy

UC Berkeley’s International Office updates their website to reflect the current status of administration travel and immigration policies, and UC Berkeley’s Undocumented Student Program updates their FAQ on Trump Executive Actions here. The University of California also maintains a general page on immigration and travel to the United States.

More information will be available at the conference website in the coming weeks. For now, you can refer to the revised CFP and live link for submissions or go directly to our ExOrdo site for submissions.

As always, you can contact the Program Committee with questions about proposals, the submission process, or the conference at: