We’re getting ready for the next convention of the ASAP in Berkeley next fall, and we invite you to join us. The call for papers is up, and submissions are open until March 15, 2017.

As always, the ASAP invites proposals from scholars and artists addressing the contemporary arts in all their forms since the 1960s—literary, visual, performing, musical, cinematic, design, and digital. We are interested in work across disciplines and media that engages with the most pressing questions about the arts today, like:

  • What roles can we imagine for the arts in relation to forms of social action and political resistance now?

  • What conditions of risk and precarity inform contemporary artistic practice, reception, and community?

  • What sense of the world at various scales—global, local, national, and more—can we discover in the particular sites and wider networks that define the arts today?

  • What defines the environments and ecologies of the present, and how do we understand the duration and futurity of human action over time?

  • What flows of people, capital, and power shape the arts today, and how do experiences of migration and displacement register in national and transnational contexts?

  • What technologies, genres, platforms, or systems distinguish the contemporary arts, and what media archaeologies do we discover in the material histories of the present?

  • What performances of affect, attention, and fandom characterize the arts of the present, and how do different modes of distribution (serial, streaming, viral) address their audiences?

For more information, see the conference site.